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      General Home Inspections

      A home inspection is the examination and assessment of a property’s visible systems and structures for any potential defects. ARIS offers noninvasive, comprehensive evaluations of the interior and exterior of your home. While we can’t guarantee that we will discover every issue, our primary mission is to find everything we can and note it in our comprehensive home inspection report, which we GUARANTEE that you will receive on the SAME DAY as your inspection.


      Pre-Listing Inspections

      Find out about your property’s defects before a potential Buyer does! Home Sellers and Real Estate Agents in Missouri choose ARIS Home Inspections’ Pre-Listing Inspection in order to detect areas of concern that need to be repaired before the house goes on the market. Our Home Inspection reports also include a Repair/Request list for Sellers and Agents that makes it simple to determine what needs to be done to a property prior to its sale. The results could lead to a quicker sale, less complicated negotiations, less stress, and increased profit when the home is sold.

      Radon Testing

      Radon cannot be seen, smelled, or tasted, but according to the Surgeon General, this radioactive gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States! While radon is known for causing severe health problems, it can take many years for symptoms to develop. This problem is much larger than the general public understands, despite the fact that so many health issues could be avoided if the radon in your home is below dangerous levels. Think about tomorrow — let ARIS Home Inspections test your home for radon today!

      Termite Inspections

      We are licensed under the Missouri Department of Agriculture to perform termite inspections. ARIS will inspect your house for signs of termites and determine the extent of the damage based on what is visible to our highly-trained eyes. This could mean the difference between making a sale or not, and catching the issue early on could potentially save Home Sellers and Home Buyers alike thousands of dollars.

      Septic Inspections

      We are licensed under the Missouri Department of Health to perform septic inspections. We will inspect and test your system for proper functioning with a hydraulic load test in accordance with State standards.

      Well Inspections

      We are licensed under the Missouri Department of Health to perform well inspections. ARIS will inspect your private well to make sure it meets the required standards based on the local codes in your area.

      Water Testing

      Ideally, you should have a Home Inspector sample your water once a year. Call an ARIS home inspector and let him check your water’s quality and test for bacterial contamination.

      InterNACHI Certified home inspectors

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